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Your favorite Minnesota cycling season starts here.

We might be biased at CX-MN, but our favorite season in Minnesota is the fall. The leaves change colors, we loose the oppressive humidity of summer and gain pleasantly cool and crisp days, and fall is also the season of cyclocross. Cyclocross is an extremely fun discipline of bike racing that entails racing what looks like a road bike with knobby tires on a course marked by plastic tape that goes up and over punchy hills, through sand boxes, and up and over barriers. If you are intrigued and want to learn more, or if you are already a lover of CX then you are in the right spot.

Our mission is to provide information on upcoming events, races and everything cyclocross in Minnesota. Be sure to check out our facebook page for updated race course conditions and bib locations.  We want to spread our love of racing CX and enjoying the best season (Fall) in Minnesota via bike. There is no better way to enjoy a weeknight or weekend of good weather than by grabbing your bike and heading out to a local race. All of our races are supported by local bike shops and teams. Show your support of MN Cycling and are great local bike scene by coming out to the races.



Find information about CX-MN, our WNCX series and the Minnesota Cycling Federation Weekend Cyclocross series.

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