Donkey CX, Lake Rebecca and Coming Up Green Acres Cross

This past weekend was full of Minnesota Cyclocross Fun. The weekend start out with great CX conditions for a muddy day at Baker Orchard for Donkey CX on Saturday. The following day CX-MN got to test out racing at Lake Rebecca for Freewheel CX. Both races featured fun and different courses and conditions and as always, our great community of local cyclocross racers came out and made the events fun for everyone. The results from this weekend can be found here.

Thank you Donkey Label for putting on a great race out at Baker Orchard and thank you Freewheel for an awesome day out at Lake Rebecca.

Looking forward to this weekend is Green Acres Cross. Green Acres is the biggest Minnesota race of the season. The weather looks good, they are building a new wooden berm, they always have great food trucks and an epic raffle. This year Green Acres Cross will also host a Saturday Morning Gravel Ride with a Strava Segment competition. You don't want to miss out on #gacx.