Calling all Local Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa/North Dakota/South Dakota racers who participate in the our Local Minnesotan CX Series. CX-MN is having a photo contest! We know you are all out there racing hard every weekend and we also hope that like us, you have your phone on you and use it to take pictures because lets face it, one can never have enough rad photos of their friends and family ripping it up CX-MN style (that is our humble opinion).

Contest Details: We will have 5 photo categories. Take lots of great pictures and then post them to the CX-MN Facebook Page or email them to us at In the photo description tell us which category you want the photo to be placed in for the contest, the date and race information, the racer’s name and the photographer’s name. As photos start coming in CX-MN will create 5 different photo albums on Facebook based on the contest categories. The winner of each category will be determined by the most number of likes the photo receives on Facebook. The winners of the contest will receive a prize that isn't yet determined, but we can assure you that it will be awesome. The categories are:

  • Most Rad Junior
  • Best Post-Hand Up Face/Goofy/Fun Face
  • Best Game Face
  • Most Picturesque
  • Fiercest Women

The contest has a few rules.

  1. Amateur photos only. We love our local professional photographers but we want an even playing field for the competition.
  2. Photos must be appropriate for all audiences. Besides the mud CX is a good clean fun sport. If you wouldn't show the photo to your mom or kids then please don't share it as part of the contest.
  3. The contest is public so if you share photos as part of the contest please expect them to be shared on the CX-MN website and Facebook page.
  4. Winners and Prizes will be announced after the State Race.
  5. All photos from the 2017 season are acceptable, so if you have photos from the WNCX series they are eligible so get them up on Facebook.

Lets keep this a fun and clean contest and may the best CX-MN photographer win!