#GACX, Photo Contest And LGR CX

Thank you for a great weekend out at Green Acres. We had wonderful weather, and that giant yellow berm was awesome.  We can tell from the photos rolling in and the and the smiling faces that it was a great weekend. I think that what is the most exciting is watching the Jrs race. It is awesome seeing families out at the races where everyone is into it. Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

Next Up is LGR CX out in Jackson Meadow. Jackson Meadow is a very cool and surreal venue. If you have never been out there then this is a must ride course. The location takes place in a tight knit community, the course will have fields, windy wooded sections and some punchy hills. If you are undecided then let us decide for you: go to LGR CX hosted by Tonga Cycle and Ski.

Our photo contest is underway. We have a lot of photos coming in, especially for the “Most Rad Jr” category. Thanks for all of your submissions. The contest is on going so keep your photos coming in and we will get them posted ASAP. There is nothing like showing of Minnesota cyclocross at its best. Our goal is to make our local CX scene strong and supportive so we love all the photos coming in of people out there racing hard and having fun. Keep the photos coming! Photo contest instructions are here.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos already and a continued thanks to TMB for letting us highlight CX-MN their images.