Thank You For A Great WNCX Series!

Thank you all for a great WNCX cycloross racing series.

The WNCX series is made great by all the race participants and the local shops, teams and organizations that put the races on. Without the great, light hearted and welcoming attitude of WNCX participants and without the support from our race hosts the series would not be possible.

This year we had many new participants. Racing bikes can be intimidating, and it goes to show how welcoming our local bike scene can be that we are able to attract new racers. We sincerely hope that all the new racers will continue with the sport and come out to the Minnesota Cycling Federation Weekend Race Series to experience more of what racing cyclocross has to offer.

Coming up this Saturday is a classic race: Donky Cross located at Baker Orchard just across the MN/WI border. To see the Donky Cross Flyer Click Here. To pre-register for the race head over to USA Cycling and sign up. On Sunday there is a new race for the 2017 out at Lake Rebecca hosted by Freewheel. For the face flyer click here. To pre-register for the race click here.

Cycloross Racer of The Year standings have been updated post Revo X. Head over to the Minnesota Cycling Federation to check out the results. We have also shared them on the CX-MN facebook page.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to WNCX. We hope to see you out at the races this weekend! Again if you took pictures please share them on our facebook page. We love to see them.