The State Championships Race


This year’s Cyclocross Season has been epic. We started off in late August with the first WNCX races in hot humid weather. The first race of the season hosted by All-City at Buck Hill was nearly 90F: it was hot, dusty, and there was a slip and slide. The last few races have been real Minnesota Cyclcross with mud, snow and ice. If cyclocross has one consistent theme it is that racers must learn how handle constantly changing conditions. This past season definitely exemplifies the need to adapt and handle change.

This season has only been made possible by the great local shop and teams who hosted and sponsored the races and by Endurance Promitions who organized and did the timing for all the events. We have witnessed the smiling and muddy faces off all the wonderful racers who showed up on those early Wednesday evenings and every weekend this fall, thank you for your participation and Thank you to everyone for a great season.

Looking ahead we have the Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships. This is a race that you don’t want to miss. It is fun, the crowds of cheering fans is epic and there is no better way to end a great cyclocross season. 

Do you have any advice on how to best prepare for the state race? Please share! 

With the state race, we will also have the final call out for the photo contest. Please submit your photos b Wednesday November, 22. We will announce the Winners after Thanksgiving.