Mud Mud Everywhere: How Do You Battle The Mud?

Last weekend saw some great Minnesota Cyclocross weather. With rain, snow and temps that hover just above freezing your local cyclocross scene changes from dry crisp fall days to muddy days where one of your biggest obstacles of the race course will be mud jamming up your derailleur and mud freezing to your bike. There is nothing like mud.

There are a multitude of tricks that get shouted out to help people keep their bikes relatively mud free. What are your favorite tricks? What works and what doesn't? What is the best way to warm up for cold muddy races? How important is it to pre-ride when that might mean you clog your bike up with mud before the race even starts? Share your wisdom by commenting on this blog or commenting on Facebook.

Racer Advice:

  • No sudden moves - Ted Martin
  • Tire Pressure - On tubular [tires] you should be hearing the sidewalk crinkle in turns - Larry Foss.
  • Ride The Rut, keep the pedals moving, slow is smooth - smooth is fast - Dustin Gaffke
  • Have confidence and just Send It! - Keith Johnson
  • Tire Choice. Mud shedding and gripping at the same time... tricky. - Andrew Rosenberg
  • Do a mud race before the start... - Curtis Patak

If you haven't experienced racing in the mud then you really do need to continue racing and get yourself signed up for our November Races. We promise that you will warm up quickly after the race starts and you will have so much fun racing that you wouldn't notice the cooler temperatures anyway. Sign up for Star CX: The weather looks beautiful!

P.S. Photos are still rolling in. Submit yours today! We love seeing your photos and others do too! Plus it is a contest!