WNCX #6, Weekend Racing, Photos, TMB Images and More

It is already WNCX #6. It has been a blast working with all the local shops and teams who have hosted the WNCX series races and make this season a possibility. The energy, enthusiasm and community created aroundthe MN cycling scene and especially the CX scene is something really special. Our goal is to make CX accessible and fun for everyone while also encouraging healthy competitive racing. CX sure is a great sport. Thank you for your support and participation.

Weekend racing started last weekend with the Intercontinental Championships hosted by All-City.  If you have enjoyed the WNCX series you should check out the Minnesota Cycling Federation's Weekend Race Series. The next race up is Revo Cross hosted by Revolution Cycling up in Clearwater. Revo CX is always a great early races with a great location, festive atmosphere and a fun course with lots of special CXey things like stairs, a sandy beach, and a lot of fun.

If anyone has any photos please share them on our facebook or email them to cyclocrossmn@gmail.com. An ideal day for us at CX-MN would be to play on our bikes and scan social media accounts hunting out amazing CX photos, but that ideal life cannot be fully realized yet so if you can help us out by sharing photos and video that is a huge help and it really helps show off all the fun CX is and helps motivate new people to try the sport out. Thank you for your help with photos.

We have been fortunate enough to have TMB images out at many of our races so far. If you are looking for race photos please check out TMB IMAGES. We would love to share your photos and videos as well so please send them over and we will feature them on our website and social media.

Good Luck, Have Fun, Race Hard and Take and Share Photos.