Welcome to the start of the Minnesota Cyclocross season. Wednesday Night CX. The Original. Authentic. Weeknight CX Race Series.

WNCX has been known as TNCX (Tuesday Night Cross) and has been hosted in a variety of local Minneapolis parks. Regardless of the name, day of the week or location of the series WNCX is run with the purpose of opening the CX season with a low key series of races that are not sanctioned by USA Cycling (this keeps the cost down, and also means that the WNCX series will not effect your USA Cycling ranking).

These races are meant to help get new riders into the sport and give more experienced racers a chance to practice their CX skills in a race scenario. Different local bike shops, teams and organizations host each race. This means that each host is responsible for setting up the cyclocross course, run race registration and set a social and welcoming atmosphere for all riders. Some race hosts arrange for food trucks, bands to play out on the course, food hand ups etc. This is all done to make racing cyclocross a fun way to spend an evening out on your bike with your family, closest friends (or competition as the case might be).

The first few WNCX nights will have a 15 minute "newbies" race for riders to test out the sport in a slightly smaller dose. As the series continues our hope is that newbie cyclocross racers will filter into the Beginner 30min race and then take on the challenge of the Intermediate 45min race at the end of the series. The daylight will dwindle as the series progresses so the number of races will get smaller so aways double check the race schedule. All riders are responsible to self select which race they want to participate in: Newbie, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.


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